What Are Ecobricks

Ecobricks are thermally insulating bricks that are made by simply compressing unrecyclable plastic into 2L bottles.

Why we’re in love with them

Making ecobricks is a way to save the environment whilst supporting a needy community from the comfort of your kitchen counter.

What do we do with Ecobricks?

Versatile play structures for children to create themselves

Raised beds for our gardens

Benches for parks and gardens


Temporary exhibition structures

About Ecobrick Exchange

The EcoBrick Exchange (EBE) is a skills development agency set on nuturing the Green Economy in order to protect the environment from plastic, create structures of value and income opportunities within under resourced communities.

Our programmes empower individuals to implement sustainable waste management systems, upgrade school infrustructure, and raise environmental awareness.

We do this by using advocating waste upcycling practices such as food waste composting and EcoBricking - plastic waste compressed into PET-bottles - a highly insulating building material that is water-, fire- and even bullet-proof.


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Support the cause

Dear supporters and friends of the EBE,

We are very happy to present the EcoBrick Exchange’s Progress Report 2015 for download. It is the first of its kind and is intended to be a resource to present the status quo of our work, share information we gained in the process, and foster critical discussion to improve the way we work. With this publication we have set ourselves the ambitious goal to not sweet-talk our projects, but rather highlight challenges and needs to engage you, cherished stakeholder, in our work! As you can see this website is currently under construction. Keep your eyes peeled for a new and improved web-presence of the EBE! Until then, happy EcoBricking! 
Sincerely, your EBE-Team

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