What makes playing games so enjoyable? The mistery of chance, the curiosity of the end result or the thrill of undivided concentration? All of these attributes seemed appealing to us and so when we were invited back to Open Design Cape Town we decided that our exhibition should take the form of an interactive game.

Visitors were given a questionnaire with the following multiple choice questions:

  1. Which year is estimated to have more pieces of plastic than fish in our oceans? (A) 2150, (B) 2100, (C) 2050

  2. What is an EcoBrick made of? (A) Plastic, (B) Paper, (C) Mud

  3. Zero Waste_ which of the following instructions do not belong here? (A) Reuse, (B) Throw away; (C) Refuse

  4. Zero Waste_ how many R instructions are within Zero Waste Living? (A) 3, (B) 9, (C) 5

  5. What cannot go into an EcoBrick? (A) Food, (B) Moisture, (C) - Both

  6. In 2016 what percentage of PET plastic was recycled in South Africa? (A) 20% (B) 40% (C) 55%

  7. On average how many bottles were recycled per day in 2016? (A) 500, (B) 5000, (C) 5,7million

  8. What percentage of South Africans currently recycle? (A) 50% (B) 30% (C) 11%

  9. What animal is in the name of EcoBrick Exchange’s pilot project? (A) Penguin, (B) Mouse, (C) Cat

  10. Where was the first South African Early Childhood Development Centre (preschool) built using EcoBricks (A) Durban, (B) Delft, (C) Joburg

Think you know the answers? Shoot us your answers on our contact page and we'll send you the results. Huge thanks go to the Open Design team for creating the opportunity, as well as PETCO for sponsoring the beautiful upcycled fashion items.

The quest seemed to tickle our visitors curiousity. Witnessing their level of engagement we'll be weaving them into all of our exhibitions from now onwards.

If you missed this exhibition and would like to experience it please write to us. We're happy to direct you to it's new location (wherever it may be at the time of your writing). 

In the words of Albert Einstein 'Play is the highest form of research'. What kind of game would you include in your own waste management system?